For over 25 years, equipment specialists Vertical have conquered the most prestigious summits of the world and the hearts of the most demanding mountaineers. Producing clothing and backpacks for ski touring and light trekking, the French brand was acquired by the current CEO, Benoit Lavel, in 2010, following the huge success he had begun to experience in his own company, Raidlight.

Constantly innovating to produce equipment and clothing which is both comfortable and compliant with the technical requirements raised by their customers, Vertical aims to ensure that optimal enjoyment is achieved through the use of their products, be it whist skiing, climbing mountains, competing in ski mountaineering competitions, or just hiking and walking for leisure.


“Innovative, light, and a little different for mountain activities”

Vertical’s core product philosophy perfectly sums up the products in their range. The French brand cater to a diverse customer base; creating clothing and backpacks for all outdoor enthusiasts, from amateur hikers to professional mountaineers.  Through combining technical requirements with the need for maximum comfort, Vertical products are essential for a range of activities, including skiing, mountain climbing, ski mountaineering, hiking or walking.

The Vertical team is compiled of enthusiasts and athletes of all levels, representative of their customer base, and thus places customer satisfaction at the heart of what they do. Their key goal is to design products with the best technical features and the most competitive prices; all whilst maintaining their core principle design features.


Verticals core principle design features are two fold as they aim to create both light and ergonomically designed products. 

Lightness is essential when producing equipment and clothing for outdoor sports. If a product has just a 100g saving in weight, it could allow a runner to save 3 tons of thrust force on their thighs during a 30km run. Therefore, imagine the difference a 500g reduction in weight can make to both an individuals performance and their comfort when out in the mountains.

Secondly, ergonomic designs are also paramount to ensure the highest level of comfort during use. Vertical clothing is designed to not only be comfortable, but always fit the individuals body shape and allow them to access their equipment with ease. This allows for your equipment to help you through the challenges you may encounter, ensuring you perform to your full potential.


Vertical strongly believe that all sports enthusiasts should have a place where they can share their experiences as a way of helping others within their sporting community.  Additionally to contributing to other peoples knowledge in terms of their boosting their motivation and providing product tips and equipment advice, Vertical found that these shared experiences can assist them in creating new and innovative products. This consequently lead them to integrate their customers into the design process as they help them to improve their existing products and create new innovations.

Customers can get involved in this process through Vertical’s collaborative R&D portal, or simply interact with like-minded mountain enthusiasts in their Vertical community where you can find a forum, personal blogs and expert advice on nutrition and training.


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