UK Skyrunning Series

Raidlight are the proud sponsors of this years UK Skyrunning Series (2016). The UK Skyrunning Series is made up of six races are various difficultly & toughness. This year the UK Skyrunning Series is also offering prize money this year.

This years races include the following races

  • V3K  Distance/ascent: 55km, 4,000m
  • LAKES SKY ULTRA Distance/ascent: 54km/4300m
  • PEAK SKYRACE Distance/ascent: 47km/ 2000m+.
  • GLEN COE SKYLINE Distance/ascent: 53km / 4200m+ (Also apart of the SWS)
  • 3×3000 Distance/ascent:  80km / 4101m+
  • MOURNE SKYLINE MTR Distance/ascent:  35km/ 3370m+

To find out more about the UK Skyrunning series please click on the following link