LCF Sierra Trail Running Socks



This trailing sock is extremely thin and one of the lightest on the market. Made from Deocell (17%), it is guaranteed to be breathable and soft. Ventilation technology ensures that feet remain dry and cool throughout your workout, and an Anti-overheating area helps support temperature regulation.

Furthermore, flat seams help to avoid friction and Anti-slipping bands keep the sock in place. The ankles are perfectly protected in the Sierra thanks to the slightly higher shaft which features reinforced padding, and elastane which allows for more dynamic movements.



Composed of Deocell guaranteeing breathablity.

The Sierra contains specialist Ventilation technology and flat seams for maximum comfort.

Furthermore, the higher shaft offers support and protection to the ankle, whilst the elastane allows for more dynamic movements.

This lightweight sock is the perfect choice for runners of all abilities, and includes reinforced padding to ensure comfort is achieved, regardless of the distance.

Protection and Benefits

Deocell is a specialist technology which possesses a bacteriostatic function that helps to eliminate bad smells whilst remaining soft on skin.

Flexible ankle support allows for dynamic movements whilst minimising the risk of injury, making the Sierra prfect for long distance runners.

Anti-friction is another key benefit of the Sierra as it is achieved in a number of ways. Primarily the use of flat seams helps avoid friction and any unpleasant rubbing that may occur in a normal sock.  Further to this, the sock features an anti-slipping band around the arch to ensure it stays in place, avoiding any uncomfortable bunching, while there is and edge coast band at the top of the sock, offering retention without compression.

Breathability is at the core of the Sierra sock as it contains ventilation technology to keep feet dry and cool during a workout. This is accompanies by an Anti-overheating area at the base of the sock which helps to regulate the temperature.


30% Cotton

30% Polyamide

17% Deocell ®

12% Meryl ® Polyamide

2% Elastane

Washing Information

Wash on 30°C maximum.

Do not Tumble Dry.

Do not Iron.


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