LCF Nepal Trail Running Socks



The Nepal socks are specifically designed for Trail running and Trekking, combining all the latest features to help you do so in both comfort and style. With flexible ankle support and reinforced padding you will be offered maximum strength from the sock, helping you reach your peak performance level. Furthermore, the anti-friction technology and use of Polyamide Meryl provides not only softness and comfort, but also reduces the chance of getting any blisters or sores through preventing any rubbing motions. Finally, the Bioceramic technology regulates the temperature of your foot, keeping you cool, whilst also increasing blood flow and improving posture.



Designed specifically for Trail running and Trekking.

Made using Bioceramic technology, for temperature regulation and improved posture and blood flow.

Designed with flexible ankle support.

Features reinforced areas of padding to ensure maximum comfort.

Anti-friction technology.

Protection and Benefits

Bioceramic technologies ensure that the sock provides efficient temperature control, whilst also improving well-being, body posture, blood flow and endurance.

Anti-friction technology means that the chances of gaining blisters or sores are massivley reduced as the Nepal was developed with your comfort in mind.

Reinforced padding areas again are focused on providing the user with the most comfortable product whilst also strengthening the sock to maximise it’s durability.

Flexible ankle support means that not only does the Nepal support you on your trails and treks but it also avoids restricting your movement, therefore maximising your performance.


32% Polyamide

20% Polyester Bioceramic

20% Cotton

17% Polyamide Meryl

9% Polyamide Friction Free

2% Elastane


Washing Informaiton

Wash at 30°C maximum.

Do not Tumble Dry.

Do not Iron.


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