La Chaussette De France (LCF) belongs to the French Tismail group who specialize in the production of high quality socks. Producing on average 10,000 pairs of socks per day, the Tismail group has an annual production of 3 million pairs. Furthermore, over 90% of the manufacturing takes place in their French based factory in Troyes, the capital of Made in France, meaning that the products are of high quality.

LCF was born from a friendship between Benoit Seguin, managing director, and Gérald Viossat, artistic director, who decided that together they would create a brand of versatile socks which combines the technical aspects with an air of elegance. Wanting to produce socks that could be used for a range of disciplines, such as skiing, snowboarding, trekking and trailing, LCF products are versatile if nothing else.

Now expanding their brand to operate on a global scale, Mountain and Trail are acting as the UK Distributors of LCF, an exciting opportunity for both parties.


A key feature of the LCF brand is there attention to the technical needs often over looked by sock producers whilst maintaining the stylish features. A key feature included is reinforced padding on the socks where wear is usually common which ensures that areas of the foot prone to blisters remain comfortable, whilst also preventing the risk of holes or wear occurring. Additionally, flexible ankle support is incorporated into the socks to ensure protection whilst taking part in a range of activities without limiting the movement required to perform to your full protection.

However, despite a deep focus on the technical aspects of the products, LCF socks are still inspired by the latest fashions, ensuring a stylish theme is present in their products. Through wearing LCF, customers can remain confident in the fact that they are keeping up with the times, without sacrificing the quality and support needed for sports.


LCF believe that well-being and comfort are essential in high performance sock therefore ensuring they luxury materials for their products such as Alpaca Fibres, to ensure warmth and softness, Silk, for absorption and insulating power, and Bambium, for its antibacterial qualities and UV protection, to name but a few.

However, innovation is at the heart of the LCF brand and therefore other materials are also used to ensure that the socks are both comfortable and technically advanced. Drytex comfort materials reduce perspiration ensuring that skin feels fresh and dry, whilst Bio Ceramic regulates temperature and encourages better postural stability as well as improving blood circulation. Deocell acts to reduce bad bacterial, therefore preventing unpleasant smells and the breathable Friction Free Fibre prevents chafing, blisters, as well as regulating temperature to be warm in winter and warm in summer. Optimising the softness and comfort of the sock is Meryl Skinlife which also prevents odours and is hypo-allergenic, and finally Silver Polyamide Thread is often weaved into the socks which is not only absorbent, but also regulates temperature, avoids blisters and prevents bad bacteria.

100% of LCF’s threads are sourced from within the European Union.


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