Kings Offa’s Dyke Race 23rd Sept – 27th 2016

This is a new and exciting race that takes the old historic route that acted as an old border between Wales and England. Raidlight are proud sponsors for this year race.

Runners can either choice to do the full Offa’s Dyke race, a total of 185miles or the shorter route called the Mercian Challenge Race. A 100mile race from Chepstow to Montgomery. This has 42 hour cut off time.

The Offa’s Dyke Race is follows the footpath of the old earthwork defence built by King Offa of Merica which is a total of 182miles. The race is not seen as multiday event but as a non stop race, allowing runners to decide when to stop for sleep. The route has a total ascent of 9085meters and runs from South to North, starting at Chepstow and Finishing at Chirk Castle. The race has a four day limit.

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